The blog “A Tale of Greed and Cover-up”  was written on October 13, 2008. In an interview with the Dushi Kuaibao newspaper days after the scandal shook China, Wang lamented: “I knew the milk powder was problematic, but I just didn’t know what exactly was wrong with it.
“If I knew it contained melamine, I would not have accepted the offer or shared them with my friends and relatives.”

The blog BFAD, DFA Say: Avoid These Chinese Infant Milk Powder Brands. The Philippine embassy in Beijing, China recently compiled a list of infant milk formula brands manufactured in China that the authorities in that country say were found to be contaminated with melamine. The same list was also endorsed by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), and a copy of the notice, is published on the BFAD’s website as well. Unfortunately, the report failed to indicate how our diplomatic representatives in China obtained this information.

The Blog intilted “Tainted Milk, a Baby’s Death and Lawsuit in China” Infant formula for the baby was expensive but necessary. Jiao’s breast milk wasn’t enough, Yi said, so they started supplementing with milk powder. By his second month, formula was all the infant was fed. They thought the formula was healthy, and Sanlu was a brand with a good reputation.

The blog “Firms compete to own Sanlu” was written on October 13, 2008. The country's largest soft drink producer, Wahaha, announced its intention to purchase the troubled company last Saturday.Well-known dairy suppliers such as Beijing-based Sanyuan Food and the northeastern Heilongjiang's Wondersun Dairy also want to buy Sanlu. Wahaha said increasing demand for domestically produced milk was the major reason behind its move to purchase the company.


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